Sage J. Wood

Adult Artist


Hey! I'm SageJWood, a freelance furry porn artist. It is my passion to create art for everyone, and form a community around it. I have been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand. Over the years it has been my passion to turn what I love into a self-sufficient career.

As of 2019, I have been working to build up my skills and refine myself as an artist.

As of the present day, I have been attending college in the hopes to graduate with an Associates's or Bachelors's Degree in the arts. So most of my time has been focusing on school and finding an equal balance between the two.

Commission Information

Commission Status: OPEN

TierPortraitWaist upFull PieceExtra Character
Line Art$50$55$60+$30
Flat Color$70$75$80+$40
TierBase PriceGenital Close UpEye(s) Close UpLikes & Dislikes
Reference Sheet$150+$10 +$10 +$10

* Includes: Front View, Back View, Headshot, & Details (name, age, colors, etc.)

*Alternates are an additional $15


NOTE: None of my finished art is behind a paywall. All my work is available for FREE!

This is simply here if you want to support what I do. Of course, anything you pledge/donate is greatly appreciated.

Streaming Information

You can catch my streams on Piczel and Picarto!